What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs are invisible lines of force that can be natural or man-made. They surround all power line distribution systems, electrical devices and wiring. They also radiate from the Earth, land, water as well as from outer space (cosmic rays). They consist from an electric and magnetic component.

The impact of EMFs on living beings

Except for the visual system generally sensitive to only a small portion of the EMF spectrum, most animals lack specific receptors for EMFs and cannot consciously perceive them unless they are so intense that they stimulate sensory nerves causing phenomena of shock or heath. The nature of the reception process of EMFs is also unknown so it is not possible to determine if it is mediated differently for EMFs with different frequencies and amplitudes.

What is known is that EMFs produce broad array of impact on living beings. Electromagnetic energies are stressors that directly affect our immune, endocrine and nervous systems.

During evolution all living beings have gained unique ability of adaptation to changeable influences of the environment. Because of this sophisticated mechanism, survival and sustaining of biological species are possible. But this adaptability is limited since it is impossible to have adequate compensation mechanism for all the environmental changes.

More than 400 years ago the relationship between electromagnetism and life has been discovered. The electromagnetic processes inside the body have a vital role in organisms’ physiology. The Earths’ electromagnetic field is an important environmental factor for all living beings.

Today we live in electromagnetic environment that significantly deviates from natural. Man-made sources of electromagnetic radiation are of abnormal frequencies and magnitudes. That is why the new technology impact on both the human health and the planet’s operating system is not well understood. These forms of man-made energies are new in the environment and as such insufficiently researched and known.


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