Benefits of REN ….

Unlike any other products with similar purpose on today’s market, REN’s beneficial influence is not limited to a person wearing it and can be used by any other person (or an animal or a plant) at any time and place.
There are no side effects (contraindications), time wearing limitations, and EVERYBODY CAN USE REN, even people with pacemakers or any such other aid!

It requires no maintenance or power, and has unlimited lifetime.

And above all, why would you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on devices that have limited life time, effect, very small range of protection and that can become harmful to you or your neighbours after certain time.

…… and its effects

REN creates positive energy field around the person wearing it, or in the area where it is located. This protective shield prevents the interaction of our bio-field and the disturbing fields which are sources of harmful radiation. In this way REN maintains the normal eurhythmy of the body and normal bioelectrical activity of the brain.

Scientific research conducted in many European institutes, clinics and laboratories confirmed that use of REN has immediate benefits on both physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Immediate benefits

    Deep sleep, without nightmares and waking, easy waking up with a feeling of complete
relaxation, regardless of length of sleep (3-7 hours)
    Good mood of all family members, with less tensions and anxiety
    Reduction of fears, aggression, physical and interpersonal exertions encountered in daily life
    Easier coping with and resolving the stress situations, without nervousness
    Improvement of personal relations at home and work, noticeable drop of stress and anxiety
    Increased concentration and lack of stage fright in students which enables them to learn and pass
exams much easier
    Reduction of fatigue during the use of fixed, cellular and wireless telephones and work at the

Long term benefits

There is practically no area of life which would not benefit from the application of REN. Some of the unique and unchallenged characteristics and effects of REN - confirmed and proved on hundreds of patients and thousands of its users are:

    Improvement of health problems, especially in patients with heart problems, neuroses,
      rheumatism, respiratory tract ailments, asthma, hypertension, where the symptoms are
      significantly reduced or completely disappear, depending on the patient’s state (acute or chronic)

    Achievement and maintenance of high level of work efficiency, positive mood and better relaxation
      in dangerous radiation zones

    Elimination of acute and chronic ache in muscles and joints
    Reduction and/or elimination of sneezing caused by pollen and allergies
    Reduction of epileptic seizures
    Elimination of stress-induced psoriasis
    Exceptionally good effects are seen with people who are exposed to high doses of EMR at work,
      such as people working near TV and radio emitters, radars, satellite antennas, those working with
      telecommunications, at power generation and transmission plants, production plants etc.

    Better growth, development and healing of plants
    Better mood and healing of pets

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