What is REN ?

REN is a revolutionary product based on a breakthrough discovery of two visionary, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and most of all people loving individuals. Their dream was to enable personal as well as spatial protection from harmful radiation to everybody, in one small, affordable product.

REN is a breakthrough in protection from harmful radiation
  • For personal, home, work place, open space, farm, plantation and many other uses
  • Prevents interaction of harmful frequencies with human biofield
  • 100% safe for everybody even pace-maker users
  • Tested on thousands of patients and healthy individuals
  • NO side effects, NO maintenance and NO power needed
  • NOT LIMITED to one persons’ use
  • Unlimited lifetime

How does it function?

First let’s see what abbreviation REN stands for. The first two letters denote a word REEQUILIBRIZER and the third one stands for NEUTRALIZER. That means that REN neutralizes damaging and harmful energy influences from any source (natural and man-made electromagnetic radiations) AND creates positive frequencies, beneficial to our health. In that way the natural characteristics of the space around us are restored. Our inner physical and mental balance is restored as well.

REN works on strict physical principle – difference of electrical potential between two different metals. This difference creates weak electrical field that constantly energizes inductors within REN, which induce power and produce healing frequencies .

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