At a time of expansion of new technologies which as byproducts have more EMF emissions of various kinds, the constant energetic flux in space and the consequent radiation, every living being on the Earth needs protection from all abnormal (natural and man-made) influences on the living cells.

Developed and constructed on strict principles of physics, this protector is a result of 25 years of research in physics, mathematics and dowsing.

Unique Features

  • REN protector, depending on dimension, protects and completely neutralizes harmful EMFs of different sized areas. Neutralizing the irregular and harmful effects of Earth, cosmic and technical electromagnetic radiation, REN emits regular frequencies, re-establishes the balance and restores the original characteristics to the fields exposed to harmful radiation. Within these areas it creates electromagnetic radiation identical to natural positive frequencies, therefore stabilizing and balancing all biological processes in organism with immediate benefits on both physical and mental health and wellbeing. This has been confirmed by scientific research conducted at many European institutes, clinics and laboratories and by thousands of people, both healthy and sick all over Europe.
  • Thanks to the patented technology,  REN use and beneficial influence is not limited only to a person wearing it – it can be used by any other person and any other living being (animal or plant) at any time and place and it protects all the others and all the living beings in range of its positive effect.
  • It requires no external power sources and has properties of a number of different devices – you can also benefit from  all in one protective super combo!.
  • Unlike any other product with similar purpose on today’s market, REN has no side effects, time wearing limitations, and EVERYBODY CAN USE REN, even people with pacemakers or any such other aid!
  • Maintaining the normal eurhythmy of the body, REN prevents the resonance of the bio-field and the disturbing fields that disrupt the coordinated energy flows of normal brain bioelectrical activity and preserves a high level of work efficiency, positive mood and better relaxation in the fields of biophysical effects.

REN  functions  without power supply, replacement of batteries
and offers a lasting protection.

Why Use REN?
  • As BIOREGENERATOR, REN cannot be 'overcharged' with negative energy, nor can it become a generator of harmful radiation. It is 100% harmless and safe for all user categories - adults, children, pregnant women, acute and chronic patients, etc. It requires no maintenance or power, and the lifetime is unlimited.
  • It efficiently protects from cell phone, computer, electrical equipment, microwave oven and all other radiation generators. It also protects, eases and prolongs performance of any kind of electronic equipment without creation of negative electromagnetic frequencies while the equipment works. It results in a simultaneous protection of equipment and a person using it.
  • That is why many M.D.s and naturopathic doctors employ REN – to minimize the unsafe influence of the equipment they use and to increase and improve their therapeutic performance.
  • It can be worn as a pendant on a gold chain or leather or textile cord, on a key chain or simply in your pocket.
  • Its advantage is its small size and mobility with a simultaneous wide field of application. It has no competitors regarding the range of radiation and intensity of protection.

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